Senate Intelligence Committee Considers PHR Report

The Senate Intelligence Committee has announced that the allegations in PHR’s report that the CIA may have engaged in illegal experimentation on detainees will be evaluated as part of its inquiry into  the CIA’s interrogation and detention program. In a written statement to blogger Jeff Kaye, the office of Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) stated:

The Senate Intelligence Committee is conducting a review of the CIA detention and interrogation program. This review includes both the use of CIA medical personnel in administering coercive interrogation techniques and the effects of prolonged detention on the individuals in CIA custody. This is the most detailed and comprehensive review of the CIA detention and interrogation program ever conducted. The findings of the new report from Physicians for Human Rights will be considered in our review, and I will have further comment on this when the report is completed.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has oversight responsibility for the activities of the CIA and has been conducting a review of the “enhanced” interrogation program and other detention practices for a number of months.

PHR welcomes this scrutiny of our report and sees it as a promising sign that the Senate Intelligence Committee is committed to a serious and thorough assessment of all aspects of the CIA interrogation program.

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