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Renée Llanusa-Cestero, “Unethical Research and the CIA Inspector General Report of 2004: Observations Implicit in Terms of the Common Rule” (Accountability in Research, Volume 17, Issue 2 March 2010 , pages 96 – 113)

 Unethical Research and the CIA Inspector General Report of 2004

This article examines the allegation that the Central Intelligence Agency may have conducted unethical research targeting detainee subjects. Using document analysis and the development of research goals and roles as defined in the Common Rule, this article sets aside issues as to whether enhanced interrogation techniques described in the declassified documents rise to legal definitions of torture. Instead, it presents a post hoc ethics review raising questions addressed by Institutional Review Boards recommending the filing of a for-cause noncompliance complaint with the Office for Human Research Protection against the Central Intelligence Agency.

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